About us

The Institut Universitaire de Technologie (IUT) Robert Schuman is part of the University of Strasbourg (Unistra).

Located on the Illkirch campus, its five buildings house:

  • Around fifty administrative and technical staff spread over ten departments;
  • 120 teachers as well as temporary professionals in five departments;
  • Some 1,500 students receiving teaching in chemistry, civil engineering information & communication, IT and business and marketing techniques.

What is the BUT?  (Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie)

  • A three-year course with no intermediate selection to obtain the title of licence  (equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, BAC +3);
  • A degree aligned with international standards that facilitates exchanges with foreign universities and international job searches;
  • A curriculum strongly focused on professional issues put together with actors from the socio-economic world;
  • Appropriate teaching, tutorials and practical work in small groups, i.e. 40-50% practical classes and professional role-playing, depending on the speciality (600 hours’ project work, 22-26 weeks of work placements);
  • A work-study programme that can be accessed from the first year, usually undertaken during the final two years or just the final year of the course.
  • University registration fees (less than €200) - Exemption for scholarship students and apprentices

Are you looking for a professional diploma that allows you to obtain the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree (BAC+3)?
Look no further, the BUT is for you!

Which BUT degrees are offered by the IUT?

The BUT in Chemistry trains multi-disciplinary chemistry technicians who work directly with researchers whose activities lie in quality control, synthesis, research, development and production.


The BUT in Sustainable Construction and Civil Engineering (GCCD) trains multi-disciplinary middle management in building and public works capable of designing, building, renovating and maintaining buildings, building equipment, roads and networks and civil engineering structures, using construction methods compatible with sustainable development. The GCCD BUT is aimed at professional integration at BAC +3.

The BUT in Information and Communication offers three courses of specialisations from the first year on:

  • Communication in organisations: COM
  • Digital information in organisations: INO
  • Advertising: PUB
  • Communication in organisations: COM

Training multi-disciplinary professionals in the field of internal and external communication in all types of organisations. Graduates set strategic communication policy, implement communication resources (media, print, digital and events) and manage relations with service providers.

  • Digital information in organisations: INO

INO BUT graduates are experts in digital information gathering, processing and distribution tools. They learn how to adapt and develop communication tools and systems and coordinate information strategy. The INO BUT is also offered as an apprenticeship in the second and third years.

  • Advertising: PUB

Training general advertisers working in advertising consultancies (advertising, digital marketing) or with advertisers (company or community). Graduates plan, design and implement advertising campaigns and brand strategies in all media (TV, radio, display advertising, digital and social media, etc.) according to the organisation’s marketing strategy.


The BUT in IT trains general IT specialists capable of meeting the needs of businessesin the design and development of applications in varied environments, integration into teams or projects, IT network administration and data management.

The BUT in Business and marketing techniques offers training in sales, marketing and communication, developing a skill set that allows participants to become multi-disciplinary marketing professionals capable of sales, procurement, distribution, communication and management.

Testimonials from IUT students

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